Social Democrats of America

We are the Social Democrats of America, who see the need for a new beginning for our movement.

The Socialist Manifesto

We are Socialists; therefore, we believe in Free Education, Universal Health Care, Anti-Death Penalty, Pro-Abortion, Universal Basic Income, the Right to Unionize, the sanctity of the Separation of Church and State, and the belief that the Government should make life bearable for all and ensure citizens' Liberties.

Run for New York State County Committees

If you live in New York State, please join us at the Democratic County Committee by downloading a petition and getting a few neighbors to sign it. Check the documentary on the Rep My Block website.

Socialists Meetups

Social Democrats of America

Tuesday, February 28 to March 31 - Manhattan & Staten Island, NY
Monday, April 3, 2023 - 5 AM to 11 PM - Manhattan & Staten Island, NY

Other Socialist meetups

What Europe owe to Social Democrats

Socialists Draft Policies
April 30, 2022: Upper Manhattan Branch - Transparency in PLP Contracts.
August 22, 2022: Western New York Chapter - NFTA METRO Rail Line Extension
June 22, 2022: NYC Downtown Branch - SDA Statement Regarding 2022 Rent Guidelines Board Rent Increases
September 11, 2022: Western New York Chapter - Hunters for Regulation & Environmental Protection's plan

Working Groups
NYC: Vienna Housing Model and NYCHA

Socialists running for
Party Positions and Office

NY: New York City

Ukrainian War Blog

by the Head of SDPU Secretariat, Olena Skomoroshchenko
Three hundred and sixty-fifth day of the War

One hundred and seventy first day of the War
One hundred and fiftieth day of the War
One hundred and forty-fourth day of the War

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Ethical Charter Declaration of Principle Bylaws

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